Al Salem Johnson Controls serves you by providing Operations & Maintenance Contracts; carefully designed to optimize the latest in service technology, to ensure every service activity positively impacts one or more of the following:

  • Reduce Future Repair Cost: If left unattended, small issues can lead to big problems. Addressing small issues is less expensive than crisis management when big problems arise. Service can improve equipment reliability and extend equipment life.
  • Maximize Up time:A well maintained plant will maximize up time and increase productivity. Service that utilizes the latest predictive and service technology, supported by industry leading expertise will help reduce unscheduled downtime and unexpected plant shutdowns, enabling major service interventions to be performed during scheduled plant off time.  
  • Identify Energy Saving Opportunities: It is everybody's responsibility to maintain a safe working environment. Service helps ensure equipment operate safely within manufacturers specifications.  
  • Protect the Environment: Service can help ensure cooling towers and other building systems use water efficiently, whilst eliminating refrigerant and oil leaks, which reduces the direct impact that refrigerants have on global warming.  

Al Salem Johnson Controls Operations and Maintenance Advantage:

  • Technical Expertise: Our Engineers and Technicians have been trained extensively at factory and at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to handle sophisticated and expensive equipment. • Easy Access: Very easy access to our engineers and technicians from our very active Customer Care Center and through Service Centers.
  • Fast Response:We strive to maintain our committed response time.
  • Genuine Spare Parts: Assurance of genuine spares, long lasting ensuring higher up time for your expensive equipment.
  • Priority Service: With our annual service agreement we assure priority service.
  • Seasonal Settings: We optimize the system performance by calibrating the system to suit your special requirement, thus help you save energy.

Al Salem Johnson Controls local team of experienced service professionals are supported by a global service and manufacturing organization that is the largest in the Industry. With Al Salem Johnson Controls, you will benefit from our combined expertise in HVAC and Mechanical & Building Control Systems. Unlike most other service providers who focus only on the HVAC or Control equipment in your building, our service professionals are able to take a more holistic approach to solve problems quickly and completely, ensuring your building is operating reliably and at optimal efficiency all the time.

 We offer the following Maintenance Service Agreements: 
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Contract: This comprehensive contract covers routine maintenance, breakdowns, labor, material and consumables. 
  • Preventive Maintenance Contract: Preventive maintenance services are carried out by our experts as per the scope of this contract. 
  • Operation and Maintenance Contract: Our operation and maintenance personal are stationed at site, in shifts or round the clock, as per your requirement. They operate and monitor the system and provide routine maintenance service to ensure proper operation, reduced breakdowns and ensure long-life for your expensive ad critical equipment. 


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Technology is becoming advanced very fast. Al Salem Johnson Controls helps you to keep in pace with this advancement. Over a period of time the equipment gets near end of life, delivering lesser capacity. There could be changes in your office or work place layout, thus changing the heat load resulting in less cooling. Our experts study your system and offer solutions which will help you in automating the system, capacity enhancement and reduced power bills, thus helping you to have more control on your system. Our services include, not limited to:

  • AC Systems Upgrade
  • HVAC Equipment and Parts Upgrades
  • Compressor and Controller Upgrade
  • Cooling Tower Upgrade
  • Refrigerant Upgrade
  • Controls and Fire Systems Upgrade
  • Air Handling Units Upgrades

Value Added Solution


We provide value added services which result in energy savings, long life for equipment, reduced breakdowns and increased uptime. Our Value Added Services include, not limited to:

  • Energy Management Services – Energy Audits; Energy Optimization; Performance Testing
  • Advanced Diagnostic Services – Eddy Current Testing; Thermography; Oil Analysis; Water Analysis; Vibration Analysis; Power Analysis
  • Air and Water Balancing
  • Water Management Services

For more information, please call our Customer Care at 9200 03588