Frick® Custom Control Systems

Unmatched focus on energy conservation, cost savings, and refigeration efficiency


For user-friendly operating systems based on decades of cooling engineering experience, our Frick® Engineered Refrigeration Control Systems are as safe, reliable, and efficient as industrial refrigeration controls can get. These custom control systems are 24 hour virtual refrigeration operators that feature an unmatched focus in temperature control, energy conservation and cost savings.
At Johnson Controls, we design each Frick® Engineered Control System specifically as a monitoring solution for your application. We guarantee your next refrigeration control system will come with the most up to date, energy efficient strategies.



  • Floating Discharge Pressure (Wet-Bulb) Control – increases compressor capacity while reducing compressor horsepower
  • Load Shedding – strategically reduces power consumption during peak rate periods
  • Variable Speed Control – Screw Compressors, Evaporative Condenser and Evaporator Fans
  • Compressor Sequencing – minimizes on-line horsepower
  • Proportional/Integral Modulating Control – motorized valves & variable speed drives
  • Virtual 24-hour operator