Frick® Heat Exchangers

Maximize Thermal Efficiency with LaZerWeld Plate Heat Exchangers


At Frick® by Johnson Controls, we offer 13 models of our LaZerWeld industrial heat exchangers, the world’s largest selection. Ranging in capacity from 115 to 4000 tons, these high quality industrial plate heat exchangers are specifically designed for use with ammonia, halocarbon, and hydrocarbon refrigerants. With technology ideal for use in a variety of food, beverage, and industrial processes, LaZerWeld semi-welded plate heat exchangers come in a compact size and give you high efficiency heat transfer for reduced energy costs.


    • High efficiency heat transfer for reduced energy costs.
    • Compact size requires less installed space.
    • Unique design resists fouling and requires less cleaning.
    • Flexibility to expand quickly.
    • Smaller refrigerant charges reduce liability and operating costs.