Frick® Quantum™ LX Industrial Refrigeration Control Panel

Take Control of Your Entire System with the Quantum™ LX


One of the most technologically advanced screw compressor control centers in the world today, our Frick® Quantum™ LX Industrial Refrigeration Control Panel is powered by a high-speed, PC-based processor that does it all with one program and one panel. Quantum™ LX technology from Johnson Controls enables you to view and control your facility’s entire refrigeration system from the comfort of your office. Better access means better control, and better control leads to increased efficiency and longer life for your equipment.


    • FLASH Setpoint Memory means your set-points are not battery backed
    • Screens are user friendly and menu driven
    • Diagnostic features include sensor short/open, setpoint input out of sensing range, DC and AC power monitoring, and memory error sensing
    • Field replaceable digital input and output modules
    • On-board fuse tester
    • Up to 4 capacity-control modes provide application flexibility
    • All safety and controller functions can be programmed
    • On-screen calibrations for sensors, motor current
    • Multii-language displays
    • Selectable pressure and temperature units
    • Sensors are field configurable for signal type and range
    • Onboard compressor sequencing
    • Real-time and historical x-y trending
    • Add analog and digital I/O after the fact with no program updates