Frick® Recirculator Vessels

Horizontal and Vertical Recirculators for a Clean & Safe Operation


Our Frick® Horizontal and Vertical Recirculators are designed and built to provide easy start-up and years of service, saving you time and money. We manufacture these reliable recirculator vessels specifically to create conditions to separate liquid and vapor refrigerant. At Frick®, our recirculators are designed and rated for your specified refrigerant and unique operating conditions. Not only that, but all nozzle connections for these Horizontal and Vertical Recirculator Vessels are sized based on your system’s unique conditions, too.


    • The Frick® bare recirculator vessel is designed and rated for the specified refrigerant and operating conditions
    • All nozzle connections are sized according to industry standard criteria based on the refrigerant and specified operating conditions
    • Frick® Coolware software allows custom rating of the recirculator with various refrigerants, nozzle sizing based on maximum vessel capacity or specific capacity and modification of the nozzle locations (within limitations)
    • The Frick® recirculator vessel and components are abrasively cleaned prior to assembly assuring a clean interior and maximum adhesion of the final exterior paint system
    • The finished vessel is pressure tested to assure the integrity of all welds. It is vacuum dehydrated and charged with a 15 psi nitrogen charge for shipment and storage. This procedure minimizes the potential for internal corrosion prior to being placed into service