Frick® Vertical Intercooler

12 – 96 Inch Diameter – Up to 146 Inch Length


The Frick® Vertical Intercooler (VI) desuperheats booster compressor discharge gas prior to entering the high stage compressors. At times the intercooler may also serve as a suction accumulator for high temperature loads


    • The Frick® intercooler is designed and rated for the specified refrigerant and operating conditions.
    • All nozzle connections are sized according to industry standard criteria based on the refrigerant and specified operating conditions.
    • Frick® Coolware software allows custom rating of the intercooler with various refrigerants, nozzle sizing based on maximum vessel capacity or specific capacity and modification of the nozzle locations (based on limitations).
    • The intercooler vessel and components are abrasively cleaned prior to assembly assuring a clean interior and maximum adhesion of the final exterior paint system.
    • The finished vessel is pressure tested to assure the integrity of all welds. It is vacuum dehydrated and finally charged with a 15 psi nitrogen charge for shipment and storage.
    • An internal pipe coil may be supplied for subcooling high pressure liquid refrigerant.