Sabroe Industrial Refrigeration, Chillers and Heat Pumps - Documented performance, tangible benefits throughout industrial cooling and heating

The Sabroe brand has been in the business of industrial cooling and heating ever since 1897. We provide the equipment needed to put thermal transfers to work in industrial and commercial installations - from a full spectrum of refrigeration compressors of all kinds to industrial chillers and heat pumps. Sabroe products are recognized and respected throughout the world for their quality, long-term operating reliability and cost-effectiveness.

You and your customers also reap the benefits of our consistent focus on low life cycle costs and world-leading expertise in the use of naturally occurring refrigerants.


Below are a sample of the products available under Sabroe:

SABROE ChillPAC® Chillers

YORK YMC2 Centrifugal Chiller

ChillPAC ammonia-based chillers feature an ultra-compact format so narrow that they can even pass through a normal doorway. This is achieved by having an extra compact shell-and-plate evaporator/condenser, oil separator and control system all built in and fully integrated into a unique vibration-resistant design.

This means ChillPAC units provide exceptional refrigeration capacity – taking full advantage of the many different models of ultra-reliable SABROE reciprocating compressors – while only taking up a minimum of space. This makes ChillPAC units ideal in installations where space is limited, and where there are restrictions on the refrigerant charge used.

ChillPAC chillers are most cost effective when fitted with a variable speed drive (VSD) that makes it easy to deal with changing circumstances and different operating requirements.


Reciprocating compressors

YORK YMC2 Centrifugal Chiller

Al Salem Johnson Controls designs and supplies a full range of Sabroe reciprocating compressors designed for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump operations in even the toughest industrial, marine and offshore applications. The range includes about 30 different sizes of single-stage reciprocating compressors.

Six are also available in high-pressure versions for heat pump operation using ammonia, for CO2 applications and for use with other high-pressure refrigerants, such as R410A. Two-stage reciprocating compressors are also available in 8 different sizes for use in low-temperature applications.


Screw compressors

YORK YMC2 Centrifugal Chiller

Johnson Controls is known throughout the world as the supplier of choice for the kinds of highly reliable screw compressors used in industrial refrigeration, process refrigeration and air conditioning, as well as for heat pump applications. Sabroe screw compressors are world-renowned for their efficient operation as well as their durability, reliability and safety, even under extreme conditions and loads..

Al Salem Johnson Controls provides an extensive range of Sabroe screw compressors that meet the requirements of virtually any refrigeration plant or system, either as standard or in specially customized configurations. There is a choice of more than 24 standard models and sizes, covering capacities between 200 and 10,000 m³/h swept volume at 50 Hz.



YORK YMC2 Centrifugal Chiller

Sabroe monitoring and control solutions provide a significant boost to the ways that compressors of all types can be monitored, controlled and integrated into modern refrigeration installations.

Sabroe control systems make it possible to leverage the capacity and capabilities of a wide range of equipment, enabling users to achieve significant boosts in productivity and efficiency from refrigeration compressors and other equipment, both new and old, and regardless of supplier.


iRIS remote monitoring

YORK YMC2 Centrifugal Chiller

Intelligent Remote Information Services (iRIS) is a unique Sabroe platform that registers, captures and collates performance data from your refrigeration system.


Test Center

YORK YMC2 Centrifugal Chiller

The test center at Holme in Denmark is a state-of-the-art facility that extends over an area of 3,500 square meters, manned by a staff of 17 or more specialists.

The test center consists of two separate facilities: the End-Of-Line (EOL) test center and the test lab. Together, these undertake a wide range of tests of equipment set-ups, as well as providing comprehensive documentation for the performance of Sabroe components and equipment.

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Refrigeration Equipment and Gas Compression Systems to meet exceptional demands

Industrial refrigeration systems from Johnson Controls work behind the scenes to meet exceptional demands that you can rely on for critical processes. Our innovative ammonia refrigeration equipment and gas compression technology does this by keeping food and beverage processing safely chilled, natural gas moving through pipelines and industrial process equipment working smoothly.

  • RXF Frick® Compressor Packages
  • Frick® Heat Exchangers
  • Frick® Recirculator Packages
  • Frick® Starter Control Solutions
  • Frick® Quantum™ LX Industrial Refrigeration Control Panel
  • RWF II Frick® Compressor Packages
  • Frick® Recirculator Vessels
  • Frick® Receivers
  • Frick® Surge Drums
  • Frick® Accumulators
  • Frick® Vertical Intercooler
  • Frick® Bare Screw Compressors
  • Frick® Quantum™ HD Industrial Refrigeration Control Panel
  • Frick® Field Retrofit Kit
  • Frick® Custom Control Systems
  • Frick® Economizers
Industrial Refrigeration and Gas Compression

Refrigeration and Gas Compression Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications


For companies involved in the manufacture of organic and inorganic chemicals, pigments, plastics, fibers, agricultural chemicals, and chlorine, YORK® Process Systems provides fully customized refrigeration systems as well as standard chiller products.

Oil & Gas Processing, Transportation, & Storage

For companies that specialize in drilling, refining, fractionation, NGL extraction, and natural gas storage/transmission, YORK® Process Systems makes it easy to handle overheads compression, wellhead injection, dew point control liquid production with total reliability and support.

Industrial Gases

For companies focused on air separation, hydrogen plants and CO2 recovery, YORK® Process Systems provides custom refrigeration and gas compression systems.

Power Generation

For companies that generate electricity by using gas-fired combustion turbines, YORK Process Systems provides fuel gas booster and turbine compression inlet air cooling systems.

Carbon Capture

For companies involved in the design and construction of systems that capture and control CO2 emissions in power generation and enhanced oil recovery, YORK Process Systems provides the essential refrigeration and compression for post combustion, pre-combustion and oxy-fuel combustion systems.


For companies that manufacture, fabricate or process drugs in pharmaceutical preparations, YORK Process Systems provides fully customized refrigeration systems and standard chiller products.

Climatic Test Chambers

With a wide range of low temperature automotive and military applications for simulation of low ambient and/or high altitude conditions, YORK Process Systems provides fully customized refrigeration systems and standard chiller products, including two stage, multistage, and cascade systems.


Learn more about how YORK Process Systems can help you meet your industrial refrigeration needs

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