According to an HVAC rule of thumb, you need to replace your HVAC unit when the cost of repairs approaches 30% of the value of your heating or cooling system. That’s because a new system can be 50% more efficient if the existing unit is more than 12 years old. With new equipment, the utility savings start paying you back immediately. Plus, you may avoid costly repair bills in the years ahead. 

Advancements in cooling technology are improving energy efficiency as much as 7% per year. So replacing AC or HVAC that is more than 10 years old may be a smart move. Our highest efficiency YORK systems can cut your heating and cooling bills in half, depending on the efficiency of your old system. 

An uncomfortable home can be a sign of improper equipment operation, duct problems or inadequate insulation. Dust, pollen and mold spores can invade your house from leaky ducts that pull dirty air from attics, crawl spaces and basements. Sealing your ducts may be a solution as well as adding air-cleaning equipment. Either way, a properly installed system, duct-work, coils and filters can save money and your health. 

Al Salem Johnson Controls provides a complete replacement team of engineers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that is devoted and dedicated to spread the reach of all its line of businesses through the introduction of its state of the art technology that has been developed in our global research and development centers.

Al Salem Johnson Controls Operations and Maintenance Advantage: 

  • Technical Expertise: Our Engineers and Technicians have been trained extensively at factory and at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to handle sophisticated and expensive equipment. 
  • Easy Access: Very easy access to our engineers and technicians from our very active Customer Care Centre and through Service Centers. 
  • Fast Response: We strive to maintain our committed response time. 
  • Genuine Spare Parts: Assurance of genuine spares, long lasting ensuring higher uptime for your expensive equipment. 
  • Priority Service: With our annual service agreement we assure priority service. 
  • Seasonal Settings: We optimize the system performance by calibrating the system to suit your special requirement, thus help you save energy. 

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