For a Smart Comfortable Home

Home Automation is a key component for “Smart Homes” and is a subset of building automation. It provides centralization of control, monitoring of home systems and controlling heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and security systems.


Our HVAC System Automation centralizes the control of your HVAC system and electric devices, to provide the maximum comfort environment with the least energy consumption. In addition, it integrates a simple touchscreen interface to facilitate the control and energy monitoring, through a well-designed energy dashboard screen.

 Al Salem Johnson Controls Automation System has the capability to be interfaced with almost all electro-mechanical equipment in your home, allowing you to have a full monitoring and easy control of the system anywhere through your local network. We offer a full Automation package with simple architecture, and our HVAC Smart Automation System provides the following features and benefits:

  • Efficiency and Energy Saving
  • Ease of Control – Touch Screen
  • Ease of Monitoring – Less Maintenance
  • Enhanced Security and Safety
  • Simple Architecture Solution
  • Service Support 
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Global Security Technology and Systems Integration Services

At Al Salem Johnson Controls your safety is our priority. With decades of experience we incorporate our “Security & Fire Safety Solutions” to create haphazard-less environments that protect people and secure assets. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive security solution that is customized, featuring advanced technologies that deliver simplicity of operation, enhanced effectiveness and cost-effective protection in fields. 

We provide a comprehensive selection of security and fire protection technologies and services.  

  • Safety and Security Technologies and Services 
  • Detections and Surveillance 
  • Barrier Systems 
  • Access Management 
  • Communications Systems 
  • Service Support 
We offer Kingdom wide centers filled with expert service engineers who are able to provide you with immediate service without compromising the integrity of your security systems. Choose from a wide array of flexible service plans, ranging from multi-year, on-site preventative maintenance to simple factory repair of user maintained equipment. 

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