Surgical Hygienic


Johnson Controls new range of York Surgical Ceilings and Air Handling Units, ensure purity of air in surgical rooms and operation theaters. The surgical ceiling maintains a higher class of aseptic nucleus of particulate cleanliness class conforming to ISO 5 around the patient during an operation, unlike some operating theaters which conform to the lower standard ISO 7. This minimizes the risk of patients catching infections during operations.

The increased purity during the operation reduces the time required for sanitizing the operation theaters between operations. A media bridge option enables power, communication and gas lines to be brought down through the ceiling. The surgical air handling units maintain positive pressure in the theater at all times through VFD control which also results in energy savings.


  • Accelerated Project Cycle: A combination of custom engineering expertise, streamlined manufacturing processes and factory controls drastically increasing speed to installation.
  • Risk Reduction: Our integrated process connects design selections directly to the manufacturing process, eliminating the time and risk of re-entering data into different systems.
  • Application Expertise: The user-friendly YORK® Custom AHU design interface is backed by knowledgeable and dedicated support teams.