Taurus Series

72 - 100k BTU/h


York Taurus Commercial Free Standing Air Conditioners are optimal choice with dehumidification , auto air swing, easy installation, easy cleaning and has a high efficiency compressor suitable for high ambient temperatures. It is a green unit as it uses an eco-friendly refrigerant.



Indoor Units

      • Modern and attractive design.
      • Attractive Touch Pad Control.
      • High performance fan.
      • Immediate cooling or heating.
      • Air sweep with wide angle of distribution.
      • Low noise operation.
      • Aesthetic, multi-function remote control.
      • Auto restart and memory function.
      • Low power consumption.

Outdoor / Condensing Units

      • Factory assembled units that are tested in accordance with ASHRAE standards
      • Zinc coated, heavy gauge, galvanized steel casing with phosphatized exterior surfaces and a weather resistant baked enamel finish provides excellent resistance against corrosion. Load bearing panels are strengthened for maximum reliability.
      • High efficiency compressors with internal overload protection and have low and high pressure cutouts for compressor safety.
      • Coils are made from high efficiency copper tube and aluminium fins and tested at 450 PSIG.
      • Condenser fans are axial type with direct drive motor as standard. Fans are statically and dynamically balanced for quiet operation. Fan motor is permanently lubricated and internal thermal protection is standard.
      • All condensing units are provided with factory assembled terminal blocks for ease of wiring during installation.